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6 Best White Noise Machines To Keep Your Dog Calm On New Year’s Eve

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With New Year’s Eve coming up, the festivity in the neighborhood might mean explosive firecrackers and popping fireworks, which can surely make your dog uneasy.

Dogs can easily be stressed by loud noises, leaving them agitated. Luckily, white noise machines offer a great deal of help in keeping your fur babies calm during such situations.

Because of that, we have compiled a list of some amazing white noise machines you can get for your dog before the New Year:

1. Magic Team White Noise Machine

K9 Of Mine says that this budget-friendly device by Magic Team is a good option if you want to be able to experiment with various kinds of white noise.

The Magic Team White Noise Machine also offers calming fan, wave, fire, bird, water, rain, and clock-inspired noises in addition to standard white noise.

Additionally, this machine comes with a sleep timer function, with 32 different volume levels you can explore while using the sound of your liking.

2. LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Top Dog Tips lists LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine as one of its most recommended white noise machines for dogs.

According to Amazon, this device offers ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, such as white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

It works well to create a quiet space or simply to lessen the distracting effects of outside noises to create a more relaxing environment for your dog.

3. AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

The AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine is yet another fantastic device that creates a variety of noises to provide your pet with the ideal setting for sound sleep.

With this device, the user can select from 20 various sound kinds, including fan noises, ocean sounds, bird sounds, and 6 distinct forms of white noise sounds.

How To Train The Dog details that all of these noises help to drown out any other loud sounds that could disturb your dog’s peace or any other noise that might make it anxious.

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4. SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine

The SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine emits a soothing, non-looping white noise that is similar to that of a real fan but without the cold air.

Additionally, it features ten settings with fully adjustable tone and volume for infants, children, adults, and even pets, as per Amazon.

It is perfect for blocking out noisy neighbors, city street noise, office privacy, tinnitus, snoring, barking dogs, and noisy hotel rooms, among other things.

5. Big Red Rooster Sound Machine

Owners who want a straightforward noise maker that’s simple to use will love this white noise generator from Big Red Rooster.

This is because it is compact and powered by a battery or an AC converter, making it particularly portable.

Aside from this, K9 Of Mine notes that the Big Red Rooster Sound Machine features six different soothing sounds and a built-in auto shutoff sleep timer that you might find handy.

6. Sleep Easy White Sound Machine

According to How To Train The Dog, thanks to the variety of noises this product may make, Sleep Easy White Sound Machine enables a customized sleeping experience.

Your dog can have a good night’s sleep thanks to the white noise it makes and the environment of naturally circulating air it provides.

This is still achievable even in an environment that is noisy from a variety of sources, such as traffic, nearby neighbors, or firecrackers going off.

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