Home » A CISA report finds multiple government hacking groups had “long-term” access to the network of a defense company using open-source Python toolkit Impacket (Suzanne Smalley/CyberScoop)

A CISA report finds multiple government hacking groups had “long-term” access to the network of a defense company using open-source Python toolkit Impacket (Suzanne Smalley/CyberScoop)

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:   On behalf of X Holdings I, Inc., X Holdings II, Inc. and Elon R. Musk (the “Musk Parties”) …

Bloomberg:   Musk Revives $44 Billion Twitter Bid, Aiming to Avoid Trial

Washington Post:   Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for original price, weeks before trial

Casey Newton / Platformer:   Elon flips the script

CNBC:   Twitter shares surge 22% after Elon Musk revives deal to buy company at original price

Clare Duffy / CNN:   In major reversal, Elon Musk again proposes buying Twitter at full price

Wall Street Journal:   Elon Musk Proposes Closing Twitter Deal on Original Terms

New York Times:   Elon Musk Suggests Buying Twitter at His Original Price

The Verge:   Everything we know about Elon Musk’s messy new Twitter offer

USA Today:   Elon Musk says he wants to buy Twitter for $44 billion. Is the Twitter deal back on? What happens now?

Kurt Wagner / Bloomberg:   Musk’s Twitter Deal Has Employees Asking: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Rob Wile / NBC News:   Elon Musk tells Twitter he’ll go forward with acquisition deal if lawsuit stops

Tae Kim / Barron’s Online:   What’s Next for Twitter: Layoffs, a Purge of Spam Accounts, and Trump’s Return

Mike Masnick / Techdirt:   Musk’s About Face: Tells Twitter He’s Now Planning To Move Forward With The Purchase

Jordan Pearson / VICE:   Elon Musk’s Embarrassing Twitter Deal Must Kill the Myth of His 12-D Chess

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority:   Elon Musk is really buying Twitter for real this time, really, for sure

Nick Duffy / The i Paper:   Elon Musk will proceed with bid to buy Twitter for $44 billion after battle over attempt to abort sale

Kenrick Cai / Forbes:   Closing Deals Over Text Isn’t Just An Elon Musk Thing, VCs And Founders Say

Andrew Hutchinson / Social Media Today:   Musk Reissues Original Twitter Offer in Bid to Avoid Court Battle

Nivedita Balu / Reuters:   Musk plans to go ahead with original price of $54.20 a share for Twitter- Bloomberg

Michael Kan / PCMag:   Elon Musk to Twitter: Actually, I’m Cool With Our Original Deal

Harri Weber / TechCrunch:   It’s official, Elon Musk is buying Twitter

The Guardian:   Elon Musk to proceed with $44bn buyout of Twitter after U-turn

Raquel Maria Dillon / NPR:   Elon Musk says he’s willing to buy Twitter after all

Catarina Moura / The Block:   Musk renews bid for Twitter as he looks to avoid trial

Daami PK / Crypto Adventure:   Musk Set to Follow Through with Original Twitter Deal

Karissa Bell / Engadget:   Twitter confirms it intends to close deal with Elon Musk

Financial Times:   Elon Musk proposes buying Twitter for originally agreed $44bn

Matt Williams / Cryptonews:   Dogecoin Price Predictions Now Bullish as Elon Musk Twitter Takeover Back On?

Juli Clover / MacRumors:   Elon Musk Proposes to Follow Through With Twitter Acquisition

Todd Spangler / Variety:   With Elon Musk Poised to Close Twitter Deal, Hand-Wringing Reignites Over What Right-Leaning Tech Mogul Will Do

Andy Chalk / PC Gamer:   Elon Musk is buying Twitter again, for real this time

Derrek Lee / Android Central:   The deal is back on — Elon Musk intends to purchase Twitter and avoid trial

David Cohen / Adweek:   Non-Buyer’s Remorse? Elon Musk Reportedly Reinstates His Offer to Acquire Twitter

Sissi Cao / Observer:   Elon Musk Changes His Mind Again, Reportedly Offers to Buy Twitter Under Original Terms

Australian Financial Review:   Musk to buy Twitter for original $US44b price

Brandon Vigliarolo / The Register:   Elon Musk tells Twitter: My takeover deal is back on

MacDailyNews:   Free speech advocate Elon Musk looks to go ahead with buying Twitter after all

Matt Binder / Mashable:   Elon Musk is apparently buying Twitter again, says sources

Dave McQuilling / SlashGear:   Elon Musk Reportedly Makes An About-Face And Offers To Buy Twitter At His Original Price

Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News:   Elon Musk Is Going To Buy Twitter At The Original Price

William Hicks / Silicon Valley Business Journal:   Elon Musk signals he will proceed with Twitter deal, report says

Rohail Saleem / Wccftech:   Elon Musk Surrenders: The CEO of Tesla Now Plans To Acquire Twitter at the Original $54.20 per Share Offer Price

Jamie Redman / Bitcoin News:   NYSE Halts Twitter Trading After Report Says Elon Musk Plans to Follow Through With Acquisition

Todd Spangler / Variety:   Elon Musk Agrees to Complete Twitter Deal at Original $44 Billion Price, Ending Legal Fight

Nehal Malik / iPhone in Canada Blog:   Elon Musk Proposes to Buy Twitter at Original Offer Price: Report

Muhammad Zuhair / Appuals.com:   Elon Musk May Gain Advantage in Escaping the Twitter Deal After Emergence of Another Whistleblower

Liam ‘Akiba’ Wright / CryptoSlate:   DOGE up 8% as Elon Musk makes new acquisition offer for Twitter

Matthew Hughes / KnowTechie:   Elon Musk offers to continue with $43b Twitter buyout

Newser:   Report: Musk Agrees to Buy Twitter for April Price

Clayton Sterling Cyre / Game Rant:   Elon Musk Expected to Buy Twitter After All

Caitlin Huston / The Hollywood Reporter:   Twitter Shares Jump After Report That Elon Musk Will Complete His Takeover of the Company

The Economic Times:   Musk proposes to buy Twitter for original offer price of $54.20 a share

Jill Goldsmith / Deadline:   Deal On: Elon Musk And Twitter Agree To Sale On Original Terms – Update


@twitterir:   Twitter issued this statement about today’s news: We received the letter from the Musk parties which they have filed with the SEC. The intention of the Company is to close the transaction at $54.20 per share.

Ben Collins / @oneunderscore__:   For those of you asking: Yes, I do think this site can and will change pretty dramatically if Musk gets full control over it. No, there is no immediate replacement. If it gets done early enough, based on the people he’s aligned with, yes, it could actually affect midterms.

Will Oremus / @willoremus:   Truly had no idea Elon Musk was even capable of backing down and admitting defeat https://www.bloomberg.com/…

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   So many Elon fanboys argued that he was playing chess while Twitter was playing checkers. Turns out that Elon might have been playing Candy Land.

Kara Swisher / @karaswisher:   Lastly, if he gets it Donald Trump will be back on. He said he would do that and he will. Had he just paid to settle and current Twitter management was in charge, not so much.

Justin Horwitz / @justinahorwitz:   In a world where Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, Elon Musk owns twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg and Rupert Murdoch own the rest of the public square, it seems like time to re-evaluate anti-trust laws and also how our information is concentrated and disseminated.

Kailey Leinz / @kaileyleinz:   *MUSK SAID TO PROPOSE TO TWITTER TO PROCEED W/ DEAL AT $54.20 $TWTR shares just spiked and now are halted https://twitter.com/…

Casey Newton / @caseynewton:   Incredible to think about how much human effort was wasted over the past few months as Elon flailed. I read multiple profiles of a chancery court judge!

Matthew Yglesias / @mattyglesias:   IMO the relationship between Twitter content moderation policies and electoral outcomes is a little ambiguous — letting Trump back on here almost certainly good for Dems, letting more Nazis and bigots back on also probably good for Dems. https://twitter.com/…

Ben Collins / @oneunderscore__:   If Musk is really taking this site private, there are no real guardrails anymore. Rulemaking can be capricious. He can elevate any idea or person he wants through recommendations and UX choices and there will be no oversight on this as a private company.

Joe Weisenthal / @thestalwart:   Everybody who was really excited about the prospect of Elon losing in court, can now flip back to being dismayed that he might buy Twitter.

Dustin Moskovitz / @moskov:   https://twitter.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Dare Obasanjo / @carnage4life:   Congratulations to Parag who stands to make $42M if Elon fires him within the first 12 months of owning the company. https://www.bloomberg.com/…

@ryback:   Please fix the accounts that are being restricted from corruption. @paraga has to go and anyone else tied into the horrible things this app has done. 🇺🇸 💪 https://twitter.com/…

Ruth Ben-Ghiat / @ruthbenghiat:   Everything is just a means to an megalomanic end for this individual https://twitter.com/…

Juicy J / @therealjuicyj:   Congrats! make Twitter cool again 🙏🏿 https://twitter.com/…

Ben Collins / @oneunderscore__:   Elon Musk got embarrassed on Twitter yesterday by a lot of the Western world, and continuing this lawsuit would’ve meant releasing more private texts. There’s always a desire to over-intellectualize the decision-making of the richest guy in the world, but don’t over think this.

Casey Newton / @caseynewton:   In a true only-at-Twitter moment, the Musk news dropped as employees were 45 minutes into a three-hour meeting to plan their 2023 strategy

Room Rater / @ratemyskyperoom:   Poor judgement. Lacks future vision. Detrimental to the interests of free speech in general and @Twitter in particular. 0/10 https://twitter.com/…

Eliot Higgins / @eliothiggins:   Predictions on how long it takes Twitter to start haemorrhaging users? https://twitter.com/…

Rumman Chowdhury / @ruchowdh:   Living the plot of succession is fucking exhausting

@star_okx:   .@elonmusk time to kill the bots on the bird app https://twitter.com/…

Derek Thompson / @dkthomp:   Elon is such a committed advocate of open free speech norms that he agreed to do the Twitter deal only after his entire text message history had been published for the world to read. Principled. Gutsy. Inspiring.

John Scott-Railton / @jsrailton:   Do you want Elon Musk to have access to your DMs? Serious question. Logical conclusion: #EncryptOurDMs

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   Last week we wrote about how Elon knew there was a good chance he’d lose, and how he’d view his Twitter ownership as a chance to prove the critics wrong. https://www.axios.com/…

M.G. Siegler / @mgsiegler:   In the end,* the ability to edit tweets was worth around $40B, as it turns out. *this is quite likely not the end https://twitter.com/…

Ryan Mac / @rmac18:   Just imagining Elon and his lawyers working diligently on Monday to put to bed one debacle, only for him to fire up his Twitter account and start posting about his solutions to an on-going geopolitical conflict. https://www.nytimes.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Ben Collins / @oneunderscore__:   Yesterday: Elon Musk claims people disagreeing with him on Twitter about his plan to potentially cede Crimea to Russia is a “bot attack” with no evidence. Today: Elon Musk buys Twitter at full purchase price. https://twitter.com/…

Matt Levine / @matt_levine:   also lol https://twitter.com/…

Gabe Rivera / @gaberivera:   Elon-Twitter Peace: – Twitter formally part of Elon, as it has been since April 2022 https://twitter.com/…

Donie O’Sullivan / @donie:   TWITTER’S GENERAL COUNSEL @edgett IN EMAIL TO ALL STAFF: “We received the letter from the Musk parties which they have filed with the SEC. Our intention is to close the transaction at $54.20 per share.”

Dave Pell / @davepell:   It’s sad that Twitter has a CEO and board who think Elon Musk is more qualified to run the company than they are. It will end in disaster.

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   @chancery_daily Agree. Still not sure why Elon sent them a letter rather than simply withdrawing his lawsuit — unless: (1) he wants some other concession, (2) his lawyers want to make sure Twitter also drops countersuit (though i dunno why). Maybe something about sealing certain discovery?


Dan Primack / @danprimack:   Big thing to keep in mind: 1/ Even if Elon is offering the same price, we don’t know if he’s asking for other terms to be changed.

@chancery_daily:   just remember, Twitter is not going to stop litigating the case until this deal is done. another promise is about as good as the first contractual promise (and we see how well that one played out). https://twitter.com/…

Brigitte Gabriel / @actbrigitte:   Thank goodness for Elon Musk!

Matt Levine / @matt_levine:   Over the course of my efforts, it became clear to all involved that there was no internal control in place to track in real time the amount of newsletters offered and sent. https://www.bloomberg.com/…

Mike Masnick / @mmasnick:   Imagine paying $44billion to keep the next batch of text messages from coming out publicly…. https://www.bloomberg.com/…

Brian Boland / @brianboland:   Is there any way that @elonmusk closes @Twitter before the US midterms? Because if yes and he makes a bunch of rapid arbitrary changes, that could really create some issues with misinformation and influence.

Kurt Wagner / @kurtwagner8:   at least we’ll always have the text messages

Peter Kafka / @pkafka:   @danprimack I guess I’d read that as “Elon would like the trial to stop.”

Ben Collins / @oneunderscore__:   We know from Musk’s private texts he talks with people who want to let Trump back on and make a “Blake Masters type” a “VP of enforcement.” Masters is a far-right Senate candidate backed by Facebook founder and Trump donor Peter Thiel. https://twitter.com/…

@ivanthek:   Said by whom? A merger arb? https://twitter.com/…

@mims:   I wonder what % of the staff cuts Musk proposed will happen just through rapid voluntary exits

Ryan Broderick / @broderick:   Incredible 5D chess in action here https://twitter.com/…

Tero Kuittinen / @teroterotero:   So now a newly radicalized Elon who bitterly resents most Twitter users will get to torture both Twitter executives and us without any constraints. A CEO who genuinely loathes his new company and will ask Thiel and Bannon advice on what to do.

@zerohedge:   yes https://twitter.com/…

Marcus Hutchins / @malwaretechblog:   Elon Musk next week after getting roasted by Zelenskyy: https://twitter.com/…

@chancery_daily:   y’all think this is a done deal, but there are still steps to be taken on all fronts. and twitter has no incentive to slow down without a strong incentive. this could do it ⤵️ https://twitter.com/…

James Temple / @jtemple:   Is it a “proposal” if he entered into a binding commitment at that price months ago? Or is the proper verb choice “concedes defeat & implicitly admits he had no legal leg to stand on, in what amounts to a humbling blow to his deal-making credibility.” https://www.bloomberg.com/…

@nycsouthpaw:   Any way the wind blows https://twitter.com/…

@nycsouthpaw:   Musk has already terminated that merger agreement at least three times that I remember, so I wonder how eager his lenders and co-investors are to reaffirm their commitments. Serious people actually set aside money when they do that, and this reversal might not last the week.

Sarah Frier / @sarahfrier:   Employees heard about this on Twitter as they were in 2023 planning meetings 🙃 https://www.bloomberg.com/…

@lukezim:   he’s famously never manipulated the market. i trust him https://twitter.com/…

Tero Kuittinen / @teroterotero:   Twitter opening at $51.80 because nobody knows if Elon will flip again. CNBC twists the knife: “Some think this would be trading at $15 without him… maybe he was worried about depositions”

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