Home » A Vietnamese couple says they wiped some of Intercontinental Hotels Group’s data, accessed using the password Qwerty1234, after a failed ransomware attack (Joe Tidy/BBC)

A Vietnamese couple says they wiped some of Intercontinental Hotels Group’s data, accessed using the password Qwerty1234, after a failed ransomware attack (Joe Tidy/BBC)

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Ravie Lakshmanan / The Hacker News:   Uber Claims No Sensitive Data Exposed in Latest Breach… But There’s More to This

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / VICE:   The Uber Hack Shows Push Notification 2FA Has a Downside: It’s Too Annoying

Jon Porter / The Verge:   Uber apparently hacked by teen, employees thought it was a joke / ‘I think IT would appreciate less memes while they handle the breach’

Mashable:   A teen hacked Uber and announced it in the company Slack. Employees thought it was a joke.

Bloomberg:   Uber’s New Hack Exposed on Eve of Trial Over Last One

Corin Faife / The Verge:   Uber’s hack shows the stubborn power of social engineering / In corporate IT systems, humans are usually the weakest link

Wall Street Journal:   Uber Investigates Breach After Hacker Claims Widespread Access

Cynthia Brumfield / Metacurity:   A Hacker Breached Uber’s Internal Systems Forcing Company to Take Some Systems Offline

Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:   Uber was breached to its core, purportedly by an 18-year-old. Here’s what’s known

Kylie Robison / Fortune:   Uber employees are being barraged with obscene images in a major hack, and they’re worried their financial data may have been compromised

Tim Keary / VentureBeat:   What Uber’s data breach reveals about social engineering

Nathan Wasson / HotHardware:   Uber Is Looking Into Massive Security Breach As Teen Hacker Posts Sensitive Screenshots

Rahul Srinivas / SlashGear:   Staff Laughed, But This Uber Hack Is Serious

Edward Gately / Channel Futures:   Latest Uber Data Breach Caused by Hacker Tricking Worker Into Giving Up Access

DataBreaches.net:   Attacker announces Uber breach through compromised Slack account

CNET:   Uber: No Evidence of Sensitive Data Breached in Security Incident

Esther Shein / TechRepublic:   Uber investigating security breach of several internal systems

Pierluigi Paganini / Security Affairs:   Uber hacked, internal systems and confidential documents were allegedly compromised

Science Business Today:   Science Business Today

AJ Vicens / CyberScoop:   Blame game follows Uber hack. Experts say don’t fault employee.

Manan Bhavnani / International Business Times:   Uber’s Security Breached, Investigation Underway

Eileen Yu / ZDNet:   Uber security breach ‘looks bad’, potentially compromising all systems

Nida Zafar / MobileSyrup:   Uber employees didn’t believe a teen hacked its internal system

Shreya Bose / Trak.in:   Uber Hacked! Sensitive Info Like Internal Systems, Email, Slack Server Exposed

Richi Jennings / Security Boulevard:   Uber Hacked: Its Security is ‘Awful’ and ‘Weak’

Thomas Barrabi / New York Post:   Uber confirms alleged teen hacker breached its network, taunted employees

Waqas / HackRead:   Uber Hack – Ride-hailing Giant Investigating Large-Scale Data Breach

Aman Anand / Fossbytes:   Uber Hacked! What Can You Do In This Case?

Ben Lovejoy / 9to5Mac:   Uber hacker claims to have full control of company’s cloud-based servers

Ryan Browne / CNBC:   Uber investigates ‘cybersecurity incident’ after reports of a hack on the company

PYMNTS.com:   18-Year-Old Hacker Claims Responsibility for Uber Breach

Chloe Folmar / The Hill:   Uber investigating possible network breach after hacker taunts

Matt Novak / Gizmodo:   Uber Investigating Massive Security Breach by Alleged Teen Hacker

Matthew Gooding / Tech Monitor:   Uber cyberattack: ride-hailing giant’s systems compromised in apparent social engineering breach

Mariella Moon / Engadget:   Uber says it’s investigating a ‘cybersecurity incident’

Insider:   An 18-year-old reportedly hacked Uber’s computer systems and sent employees cryptic Slack messages

Davey Winder / Forbes:   Uber Hacked—18 Year Old Hacker Claims To Be Behind Extensive Breach

Dan Milmo / The Guardian:   Uber responding to ‘cybersecurity incident’ after hack


@uber_comms:   We are currently responding to a cybersecurity incident. We are in touch with law enforcement and will post additional updates here as they become available.

Sam Curry / @samwcyo:   Someone hacked an Uber employees HackerOne account and is commenting on all of the tickets. They likely have access to all of the Uber HackerOne reports. https://twitter.com/…

Corben Leo / @hacker_:   Apparently there was an internal network share that contained powershell scripts… “One of the powershell scripts contained the username and password for a admin user in Thycotic (PAM) Using this i was able to extract secrets for all services, DA, DUO, Onelogin, AWS, GSuite” https://twitter.com/…

Colton / @coltonseal:   Honestly kind of a classy way to hack someone 😂😂😂 @Uber https://twitter.com/…

Sam Curry / @samwcyo:   From another Uber employee: Instead of doing anything, a good portion of the staff was interacting and mocking the hacker thinking someone was playing a joke. After being told to stop going on slack, people kept going on for the jokes. lmao

Kylie Robison / @kyliebytes:   RIP to everyone’s weekend at Uber. “Shortly before the Slack system was taken offline on Thursday afternoon, Uber employees received a message that read: ‘I announce I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach.’” https://www.nytimes.com/…

Kylie Robison / @kyliebytes:   An Uber employee told Fortune that when they open their work laptop, all internal websites displayed a picture of an “erect penis” with the text “FUCK YOU DUMB WANKERS.” https://fortune.com/…

Tom Dotan / @cityofthetown:   The uber hack seems nightmarishly bad. And pretty depressing that the way around MFA is just spamming the victim until they give up and just allow themselves to be hacked. https://twitter.com/…

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / @lorenzofb:   NEW: One of the biggest takeaways of the Uber hack is that 2FA via push notifications is flawed and relatively easy to circumvent. “They can become so annoying that the target eventually accepts,” @RachelTobac told us. https://www.vice.com/…

Ken Westin / @kwestin:   If Uber didn’t use computers then this would have never happened.

Will Oremus / @willoremus:   old enough to remember three days ago when twitter was the only tech company with bad security https://www.washingtonpost.com/ … https://t.co/UZE1YaXQKY

Christina Warren / @film_girl:   I can’t dunk on this. I know a lot of people will, but I can’t. I was raised in newsrooms, which is second only to LE for gallows humor. But lol at being told to stop. https://twitter.com/…

Joseph Menn / @josephmenn:   The Uber breach, which the hacker says began with social engineering of an employee, may be so thorough that it will be hard to kick the intruder out, experts said overnight. https://www.washingtonpost.com/ …

Kylie Robison / @kyliebytes:   NEW: An employee at Uber described scenes of chaos on Thursday night as the ride-hailing company’s computer systems were commandeered in a devastating hack that buffeted staffers with obscene images. I wrote about inside the mayhem for @FortuneMagazine: https://fortune.com/…

Kate Conger / @kateconger:   Update: We spoke to the person who claimed responsibility for the hack. He says he is 18. https://twitter.com/…

Carl Quintanilla / @carlquintanilla:   “.. The hacker provided .. screenshots that appeared to show widespread access to a range of administrative accounts that manage Uber’s technology systems, including the company’s Amazon Web Services and Google clouds ..” ⁦@WSJ⁩ $UBER https://www.wsj.com/…

Laurent Bercot / @laurentbercot:   I’ll just use my username and password in this script that needs admin rights, what could possibly go wrong https://twitter.com/…

@k8em0:   Pour one out for the security response team at Uber. Hardcoded secrets in a powershell script got them powershellacked. Good practice is to assume intruders will seek out your internal scripts & do not leave secrets hard coded to help them elevate privilege & pivot like this. https://twitter.com/…

Rik Ferguson / @rik_ferguson:   Second time in a week that I have heard of hardcoded PAM secrets giving an opportunistic attacker *all the access* to a global corp. Technology is wholly dependent upon proper implementation and process. It’s easy to point fingers at a product, but often wrong. https://twitter.com/…

@da_667:   The amount of shitposting and emojis is pretty hilarious. https://twitter.com/…

Avi Asher-Schapiro / @aaschapiro:   If this screen shot is to be believed, the hacker who broke into Uber spammed the company’s slack with a message about underpaid drivers…. https://twitter.com/…

Faiz Siddiqui / @faizsays:   As employee reactions poured in, including a Mr. Krabs meme, the “It’s Happening” GIF and questions about whether it was a prank, someone wrote. “Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but I think IT would appreciate less memes while they handle the breach” https://www.washingtonpost.com/ …

Alex Kantrowitz / @kantrowitz:   Props for going @ here vs. @ channel. That counts for something. https://twitter.com/…

Tom Warren / @tomwarren:   The Uber hacker reportedly posted a message in the company’s internal Slack, and employees thought it was joke and reacted with 🍿 and 🚨 emoji and GIFs on the post https://twitter.com/…

@williamlegate:   Uber has had their entire infrastructure (cloud, financial, comms, dev, etc) hacked by a kid purporting to be a teenager – breach appears to be very severe. https://twitter.com/…

Roy E. Bahat / @roybahat:   “In the Slack message that announced the breach, the person also said Uber drivers should receive higher pay.” Curious what motivated the hacker to choose to crusade for that… https://twitter.com/…

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