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Any hackers fans of Megaman Battle Network/NT Warrior?

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So for anyone that doesn’t know about the Flipper Zero yet, it’s a cool hacking tool that recently came out. Basically a real life sonic screw driver from Doctor Who. Mine’s on the way.

But the most interesting part to me is that it has Tamagotchi like features where each device has a dolphin character built into it and the more things you hack and code into it the more experience the dolphin gains and levels up. As it levels up it evolves into a cyber dolphin.

I grew up being a big Megaman NT Warrior/Megaman Battle Network fan & I feel like there has got to be some cross over between that community and the hacking community somewhere.

I’ve already made the suggestion to the Flipper community to turn it into a PET device(from battle network/NT Warrior) with different characters/creatures other than the dolphin, maybe even figure out a way to code in short range battles with it if someone else is around that has one, etc.

It’s definitely the closest real world thing we have ever had to the PET from Battle Network/NT Warrior. Younger me would be beyond hype to find out something like this exists.

Would this even be possible?

If you haven’t seen them some how I’d recommend checking them out.

TLDR: The new Flipper Zero device is a proto-type PET from Battle Network. How difficult would it be to add new characters and some type of battle system?

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