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Being Let Go Because Your Boss Saw You As A Threat To His Position Is Interesting

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Today I got fired from being a Information Security Specialist for an assembly company. My boss had been working there for 7 years and there was 0 organization. I went in there and right away the IT Dept. treated me like a leader someone to look to for answers. I created a security infrastructure set policies in place, keep in mind this is within a 2 1/2 month span. Come today I was pulled by HR to let me know I was being fired because of “performance issues”. I told my co-workers and their jaw dropped, they couldn’t believe it and I wasn’t expecting this. I would work very closely with executives and we all came to the conclusion that I was fired because he saw me as a threat to his position in this company. Any opinions? Oh and I was also under payed for all that I did in that short amount of time. We worked with many companies including Tesla, Rivian, SpaceX, Astranis, and Apple was in the talks just to name a few. This place was swarmed w family so that may have also been an issue. We all know family and business don’t mix well together. This company is extremely disorganized and no intentions to be organized. I apologize for my rant but looking forward to your guys opinion.

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