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Fast Company is Online Again After 8-Day Shutdown Due to Hacking

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After eight days of being shut down, the website of the Fast Company is finally back online, as per Engadget. The website of the company shut down due to a cyberattack on September 25 and 27.

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Fast Company Experienced Two Hacking Incidents Last Month

According to the Fast Company, they experienced a cyberattack first on Sunday, September 25, where the hackers hit their content management system. The home page of the website was also hacked, and the headlines were replaced with obscene and racist messages.

After two days, on Tuesday, September 27, another hack happened and the website started sending a pair of obscene and racists messages to Apple News users.

To contain the situation, the Fast Company decided to shut down its website after the second cyberattack.

The second attack is more drastic than the first one as the threat actors defaced the website and posted obscene and racists messages. Details on how they were able to infiltrate the publication were also posted.

After the two cyberattacks, Fast Company decided to shut down its website together with its sister publication, Inc.com, and its corporate website, Mansueto.com.

Throughout the time that the websites were shut down, the company conducted an investigation on the cyberattacks that happened.

While the company decided not to go into details of the inquiry conducted, it said that it was able to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.

“I will say that it was thorough, that it’s complete, that no customer or advertiser information was disclosed in connection with the CMS attack, and that we have taken steps to safeguard against further attacks,” reads an article by Brendan Vaughan posted on the Fast Company website.

Despite the drastic hack, it seems that the data of the customers and advertisers are safe. According to Engadget, the information of the customers was not exposed.

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Hackers Sent Obscene, Racist Messages to Apple News Users

Last week, news about Apple users who received obscene and racists push notifications surfaced online. This is part of the second cyberattack to the Fast Company.

“Fast Company’s Apple News account was hacked on Tuesday evening. Two obscene and racist push notifications were sent about a minute apart. The messages are vile and not in line with the content and ethos of Fast Company,” the Fast Company tweeted.

The messages left the users shocked and they brought to Twitter the alerts that they received from the company, according to iTechPost.

The hackers gained access to the company website’s publishing tools after hacking the content management system of the Fast Company. With this, they were able to send push alerts to Apple News.

Now, the website is back online after eight days of being shut down. According to Vaughan, the past week of having the website shut down has been extremely difficult for the team.

To continue delivering services to their clients, the Fast Company started publishing news articles on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Medium.

They eventually launched Fast Company Daily, a LinkedIn newsletter. It immediately reached 103,000 subscribers.

The Fast Company is grateful to everyone who waited for the website’s return. Now that they are back online, they can serve their clients better.

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