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Australia’s Most Severe Cybercriminal Incident Has No Good Solution
Should Australia’s Medibank health insurer pay extortionists to prevent the release of sensitive medical documents related to millions of Australians? There’s no easy answer to remedying what is the most severe cybercriminal incident in Australian history.

Aurubis Shuts Down IT Systems at Various Productions Locations
One of the world’s largest copper smelters disclosed it underwent a cyberattack, stating that production “could largely be maintained.” Germany-based Aurubis owns Europe’s largest copper smelting facility, capable of refining 450,000 metric tonnes annually and located in Hamburg.

Poland Senate Alleges Russian Connection to DDoS Attack
Parliament IT systems in two East European capitals were disrupted Thursday. The Poland Senate said a distributed denial-of-service attack partially originated from inside Russia. In Slovakia, a Parliament speaker postponed voting after telling lawmakers that vote-counting systems were not working.



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