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Hack during contactless pay with amdroid(not android pay)

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Lets say hypothetically if someone were trying to hack a device while a target is checking out with a qr code not NFC. With the goal being control over the device not the payment information, how much information could they get about the device itself. I said in the title not with android pay but lets say that vendor has a payment method, so for s#its and giggles we’ll say that vendor is Kmart(just go with it). And Kmart has an app you enter your debit card in that app and you scan a QR code at checkout to pay.

Im open to all possibilities and likelihoods, if the attackers were nearby with a signal catcher to idk malware laiden in the device, the registers QR code is falsified and your information is rerouted. You choose thw scenario, its less important for whaty real question above is.

How much information about my device is transferred during that transaction? And I use a VPN with an obfuscated connection 24/7

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