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Hacking a wifi network

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I know wifi these days their security is basically airtight. I’m a newbie here so don’t dig in my sss too much. I was wondering if there’s anyway to bypasn a wifi network that’s near my apartment. There’s few open networks like optimum wifi but your asked to sign in with a guess username and password word. I obviously might sound super cheap and it’s obviously embarrassing for me but I’m 36 and im disability SSDI and don’t even make close enough to have a lot of thr things I want. I knew there’s programs to get it for free but i had to choose either a utility voucher or free wifi. Sucks but I had to obviously cancel the responsible choice. Anyway I’m guessing this prolly isn’t possible without a lot of skill. Any feedback is totally welcomed obviously. Maybe some explanation of how wifi security works and how you can/can’t tap into someone’s wifi network. I think I’m done now.

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