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How hard could it be to hack a coffee maker?

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This is a thought experiment, I’m not actually gonna do it (unless I get the rest of my office on board).

My workplace has a beverage machine that makes coffee, hot water, espresso, hot chocolate, and such. A few ingredients go in: water, coffee beans, powdered milk, and cocoa powder. All the beverages are just combinations of these. So if I got into the software of the machine, I could add new combinations: warm milk, 50/50 coffee and cocoa, 80/20 milk and cocoa (the cocoa is way too sugary for me), and so on. I’m no accomplished hacker, but I have some programming experience.

How hard could this be? Would the manufacturer go to great lengths to add security to a coffee maker?

There is no USB port on it, as far as I can see.

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