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‘’Find the output of the following command using one of the techniques you learned in this section: find /usr/share/ | grep root | grep mysql | tail -n 1’’

Has anyone completed this recently?
I feel like I have the code needed for this, but I cannot get the answer correct.

I have written – find /usr/share/ | grep root | grep mysql | tail -n 1
starting with %0a for newline
space = %09
| = <<<
reversed the forbidden words

I’m getting the result if I remove | tail -n 1 part, but the last answer filepath is not the answer they’re looking for.
I’m not sure if the code is capturing, or supposed to catch both of the greps as AND or OR, I feel like I get the same answer if I just grep ‘root’ or ‘mysql’ alone, is the code even correct here: find /usr/share/ | grep root | grep mysql | tail -n 1

Thanks for help in advance!

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