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I think I have malware on my pc.

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So, I remember that feeling when I first got my pc. It was fast, snappy and not any issues. But, its been about a year and six months since I had that nice PC. Now I get loads of different bugs, errors artifacts in youtube videos. I have a little brother that plays roblox and some stuff but he decided to install some sketchy “roblox hacks” on my pc. I looked at my installed programs and I found AIMP Classic and UIMP Classic, both nutoriously known for getting packaged with malware installer (opencandy and some others). So one I was just watching a video on YouTube when I wanted to read the comments, and when I was scrolling down the page, I started seeing some weird artifacts like the image moving randomly. When I stopped the video it kept doing those weird moving stuff. But I resolved this issue by going into my brave browser settings and disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available.” Something along those lines. The thing is I do have a recovery USB to reinstall Windows 11 but I have important stuff such as documents, bank transactions, etc. I don’t really want to backup since I’ve once had my passwords breached so I don’t really trust anything and also I may have forgotten something. Another day I pressed WINDOWS + E on my keyboard to open explorer, however instead of opening 1 windows it opened up 7. I found that super suspicous. I decided to run an offline windows defender scan but it found nothing. Also, on the YouTube artifacts problem it was nothing to do with my GPU, I had updated and checked I had all the right drivers. Any solutions anyone? It will be greatly appreciated.

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