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I was attacked by .qqjj ransomware, I feel raped

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I had downloaded the superDisplay apk on an old tablet that had been in storage for a while and had my main gmail open. Days after using it, the misfortune began.

It started with mining processes in my task manager, then moved to popups with common program names but as if they were designed in paint; finally, the pc restarted itself and officially all my files were encrypted.

In my ignorance, I thought it would go that far…. The next morning my instagram account was full of bots and stories posted about btc and the like. I immediately changed my gmail password but it was too late, they disconnected me.

It felt horrible but I took it easy, luckily I’m poorer than that hindu. I think when they saw that my epic games library was full of the games they give away they felt sorry for me XD, good thing they didn’t get into my paypal because unfortunately for them, I only have $0,25.

When I reinstalled a new OS, I remembered that I had the email added to the microsoft authenticator (along with my ig, github, linkedin and other accounts) plus a secondary email which I use for the digital wallet I use in my country. From there I managed to access and change absolutely everything and add more security steps for each important account :). I still feel vulnerable, I hope it ends here.

As we say in my city: “La mejor forma de aprender es a los co?azos”.

PS: can you recommend me a good free antivirus and some other software? that doesn’t consume a lot of resources 🙁 my pc is a potato.

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