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Password manager: is lastpass hack a real issue for their user

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Let us assume that one would like to use an online password manager. Obviously any service like lastpass, dashline, etc is a sort of golden pot for any hacker. Regarding the attractiveness of the data stored on their servers, it is not surprising that some hackers put enough effort to break in. So, my point is that when using such service I’m almost sure that at some point a hacker group will compromise part of the system. The question is how well the data are protected even when a hacker get access to a server.

My question is simple: as a simple user that need a password manager, is it better to keep an already hacked password manager (e.g. lastpass) (knowing that everything was encrypted, so somehow, part of the job has been done in term of data safety, at least according to lastpass) or is it advised to change to another service (dashline, or other) and not knowing what will happen when they will be hacked (because, due to the attractiveness, this is just a matter of time). In other words, did lastpass put enough protection on the data or not? Does lastpass managed their hacking well and was their strategy to protect data strong enough ?

Alternatively, my other question is: is dashline offers a significantly “stronger” resistance to hackers and why?

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