Home » Recruiters say hiring remains strong in some tech sectors; Indeed.com: developer postings in the US are up 120% on early 2020 pre-coronavirus pandemic baseline (Dave Lee/Financial Times)

Recruiters say hiring remains strong in some tech sectors; Indeed.com: developer postings in the US are up 120% on early 2020 pre-coronavirus pandemic baseline (Dave Lee/Financial Times)

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Blair Jacobs / Club386: Microsoft brings Xbox cloud gaming to your Samsung Smart TV

Andrew Romero / 9to5Google: Bandwidth: Boosteroid fully lands in US, Xbox Cloud Gaming expands further

Mike V. / Phandroid: Microsoft’s Xbox App is Coming to Samsung Smart Monitors

Will Tuttle / Xbox Wire: Xbox is Building the Gaming Platform for the Next 20 Years

Jorge Jimenez / PC Gamer: Microsoft Edge’s ‘clarity booster’ will apparently make Xbox Cloud Gaming look better than it does on other browsers

Ross Rubin / ZDNet: Cloud vs. console: Why streaming game services haven’t captured the TV yet

John Levite / Windows Central: The best 4th of July TV deals: 4K, OLED, HDR, and more

Tech Advisor: How to watch the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase

Joe Wituschek / iMore: Xbox Cloud Gaming is perfect for Apple TV and Apple is blowing it

Adrianna Nine / ExtremeTech: Microsoft Teams up With Samsung to Introduce Xbox Game Streaming

Simon Sharwood / The Register: Warning: Colleagues are unusually likely to ‘break’ their monitors soon

Megha Malviya / Sammy Fans: Samsung and Microsoft partner to bring the Xbox App to Samsung Gaming Hub

Christopher Dring / GamesIndustry.biz: Xbox pre-event briefing shows it building for life beyond the console

Daniel Sims / TechSpot: Some Samsung TVs will get Xbox cloud gaming capabilities, no console required

Jacob Siegal / BGR: Xbox app for smart TVs will let you play games without a console

Tom Warren / The Verge: Xbox Cloud Gaming will support your game library later this year

Samsung Newsroom: Samsung and Microsoft Partner to Bring The Xbox App to Samsung Gaming Hub on Neo QLED 8K/4K, QLEDs and Smart Monitor Series

Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer lays out a 20-year vision for games

Florence Ion / Gizmodo: Xbox Game Pass is Coming Directly to Select Samsung TVs

Jordan Novet / CNBC: Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming to smart TVs, so users don’t need a console

Hubert Nguyen / Ubergizmo: Play Xbox Games On Samsung TVs, Without Console

Justin Kahn / 9to5Toys: Xbox Game Pass lands on Samsung TVs later this month with no additional hardware required

Pradeep Viswanathan / BigTechWire: Microsoft announces the official Xbox app for 2022 Samsung Smart TVs

Matthew Sholtz / Android Police: Samsung TV owners won’t need an Xbox to play games like Starfield

Trilby Beresford / The Hollywood Reporter: Xbox Partners With Samsung to Bring Gaming App to Smart TVs

Reuters: Microsoft to bring Xbox games to Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs

Techhive.com: Microsoft just turned your Samsung TV into an Xbox

Josh Coulson / TheGamer: You’ll Soon Be Able To Stream Xbox Games On Samsung Smart TVs

Andrew E. Freedman / Tom’s Hardware: Xbox to Let You Bring Your Games to Cloud Gaming, Adds Smart TV App

Jo?o Carrasqueira / XDA Developers: Microsoft Edge is getting a new tab page dedicated to Xbox gaming

Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends: No Xbox? No problem. Game Pass is coming to Samsung smart TVs this summer

Dina Bass / Bloomberg: Microsoft Xbox Brings Cloud Gaming to Samsung Smart TVs Without Console

Nick Statt / Protocol: Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass to new Samsung TVs, no Xbox required

Jessica Conditt / Engadget: Xbox Game Pass comes to new Samsung smart TVs on June 30th

Roger Cheng / CNET: Xbox Games Arrive On Samsung TVs in Cloud Gaming Push

Megan Farokhmanesh / Wired: Do Xbox Consoles Still Have a Place at Microsoft?

Oli Welsh / Polygon: Game demos coming to Xbox Game Pass within the next year

Oli Welsh / Polygon: Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to Samsung 2022 TVs

Jason McMaster / VentureBeat: Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to Argentina and New Zealand

Rachel Kaser / VentureBeat: Xbox is bringing cloud gaming to Samsung Smart TVs

Tom Warren / The Verge: Xbox Cloud Gaming launches in Argentina and New Zealand

Athima Chansanchai / Windows Experience Blog: Find out what’s ahead for Xbox as it builds a platform for the next 20 years of gaming

Robert Collins / OnMSFT.com: New in Gaming: Xbox app coming to 2022 Samsung Smart TVs

Kyle Bradshaw / 9to5Google: Xbox Game Pass will soon stream purchased games and gain Samsung Smart TV app

VideoCardz.com: (PR) Microsoft announces Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Samsung 2022 TVs and “Project Moorcroft” with curated game demos

Tom Warren / The Verge: Microsoft unveils Project Moorcroft, meant to bring early game demos to Xbox Game Pass, rolling out within the next year, initially focused on indie developers

Cameron Faulkner / The Verge: Hands-on with the Xbox TV app for Samsung’s 2022 TVs: games load quickly and work with Xbox and PS5 controllers, an ethernet connection is recommended, and more


@xbox: Stream Xbox games directly on your TV, no console required Enjoy over 100 cloud games with the Xbox app on your Samsung 2022 Smart TV: https://news.xbox.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Daniel Ahmad / @zhugeex: This is one of the smaller but ultimately significant announcements from Xbox today. The ability to play games you own in the cloud as long as you subscribe to Game Pass. One step closer to unifying digital SKU + Cloud SKU for all games https://twitter.com/…

Jordan Novet / @jordannovet: i streamed two games through Xbox Game Pass on a Samsung TV, and it was like having a Series X next to the TV. admittedly the connection was fast and reliable. viability might come down to network speed and how much gamers are willing to forgive hiccups https://www.cnbc.com/…

Stephen Totilo / @stephentotilo: A couple of things about today’s Xbox news: 1) Adding early demos to Game Pass is cool. Seems an expansion of one of my favorite things Xbox already does. They’ve been releasing waves of indie demos during special showcase weeks for at least a year. https://www.axios.com/…

Dan ‘The Mega’ Driver / @swooper_d: I like how nearly ten years ago Microsoft wanted to turn your Xbox into a TV Now they want to turn your TV into an Xbox https://twitter.com/…

Jeff Rubenstein / @jeffrubenstein: I’ve been testing out the Xbox app on a Samsung Smart TV – it truly feels like you’re playing on console… without a console. More details here: https://news.xbox.com/…

@alexhern: this feels like it will cash the cheque that Stadia wrote https://twitter.com/…

David Pierce / @pierce: I’m starting to be really happy I haven’t been able to buy a PS5 yet … Xbox streaming is getting really good really fast https://twitter.com/…

Daniel Ahmad / @zhugeex: Disappointing news from Samsung today that Xbox Cloud Gaming will only work on their Smart TVs but not their smart fridges

Shira Ovide / @shiraovide: Maybe the whole paradigm of apps — software we download on devices through digital stores — has outlived its usefulness? https://www.nytimes.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Brandon Ross / @brandolightshed: Samsung / Xbox lowering the barrier to entry for “console” gaming https://www.theverge.com/…

@wario64: -Xbox App coming to Samsung Smart TVs on June 30th -Xbox Cloud Gaming expands to Argentina and New Zealand -features coming to Game Pass Ultimate members (play games they own in Cloud & new curated demos of upcoming games) -more features for PC gaming https://news.xbox.com/… https://twitter.com/…

@nibellion: Microsoft is announcing Project Moorcroft which allows Game Pass members to play “new, curated demos” of upcoming games Rolling out next year https://news.xbox.com/… https://twitter.com/…

@nibellion: According to Microsoft’s Sarah Bond, Project Moorcraft sounds like a E3 showfloor demo experience at home Also: developers get financial compensation and access to statistics & data of their demo https://www.theverge.com/… https://twitter.com/…

@nibellion: According to Samsung’s press release their Smart Monitor series will get access to the Xbox App as well (since it’ll be part of their Gaming Hub) https://news.samsung.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Tom Warren / @tomwarren: what does the new Xbox TV app feel like? “almost like the real thing” says @camfaulkner who got to try out the Xbox TV app early. This is a big milestone for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Check out our hands-on here: https://www.theverge.com/… https://twitter.com/…

Russell Brandom / @russellbrandom: Disappointed to learn that something called “Project Moorcroft” is neither spooky nor English https://www.theverge.com/…

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