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[VIRAL FLASHBACK] 5 TikTok Car Hacks Anyone Who Drives Should Know

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Anyone who has been on TikTok has probably encountered a video about a life hack once or twice. It does not fall short of things that you didn’t know before as PopSugar mentioned, and it would probably make your life a lot easier.

Granted, not all of them are true- some content creators would invent untrue hacks for the views and clout, but you can easily verify its authenticity in the comments as people dispute it. There is always that one person who can scientifically explain why it does or doesn’t work.

It varies from hacks for your house, food, makeup, and technology among other things. For this viral flashback, we will be focusing on the car hacks we have found on TikTok that could make you wish you knew about before.

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Fill and Spray

It’s standard practice to use a bucket and a sponge when you have to soap up your car. It makes sense since you have to dilute the soap into the water to form those soapsuds. But, there is a quicker way to do just that.

According to a post by @shopboyzs, all you have to do is disconnect your hose from the faucet, put some dish soap into your hose and then reattach it. It’s important to know that you need to have the standard garden hose nozzle for this, because that nozzle is what’s going to make your soap water extra bubbly, which will better coat your car. Simple and efficient.

Slimy but Tidy

It’s obvious that a car is not just one smooth surface. It has lots of nooks and crannies that can be hard to get into with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Plus, if you do decide to wash it out, it might be harder to get it to dry.

@blossom posted about a car hack using slime, that will surely stick with you, pun intended. You don’t even need a different container, just pour white glue, baking soda, and contact solution into the cup holder. Mix it until its consistency thickens, and then use the slime pull of those nasty gunks and dust.

Loaded and Locked

Since cars are always on the move, so it’s hard to secure any baggage and keep its contents where they belong. This is especially true for groceries since plastic or paper bags don’t exactly close.

This video from TikTok posted by @hollyvlogsofficial shows us how one tool can fix that problem. She used a bungee cord by attaching it to one side of the car, putting it through the loops of the bags, and then attaching the other hook to the opposite side of the car. Easy peasy.

Which Side are You On?

Maybe some people already know which side their gas tank is on, but some still have no idea no matter how long they’ve been driving their cars.

This video by @loyal.crystal shows you that you have that information right in front of you all along. If you look at the gas icon in your gas gauge, you’ll spot a small arrow that points to which side it is.

The Cap Goes Where?

From the same video as before about where the gas tank is, you’ll also see where you can place the cap from your gas tank. It’s right there inside your fuel tank cover. This would prevent you from losing your tank cap or having to hold it while you fill up.

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